According to MarketWatch, “People are willing to pay 22% more if the business has a good reputation.” Your online reputation plays a significant role in the overall performance of your business. An excellent online reputation is crucial because it can make or break a business. Having a bad online reputation, on the other hand, can result in minimal growth or no growth at all. It can also prevent your prospective customers from reaching out to your business and purchasing a product/service from a direct competitor. These are just a few situations that could happen when you neglect your online reputation.

The gist of why a good online reputation is essential leads us to the question: How do I find out how my business is doing online? As marketers, we all know that the best way to have a quick look at how a company is doing online is through a search at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). If a business appears or ranks high on the search results, it optimized the search engine well. Given that Google search engine is the best and most extensive search engine globally, being found there means that you are one step ahead of the competition because your website/landing page is more likely to be clicked on and may generate more leads.

Finding out about your online reputation may be time-consuming, but luckily, K2J Digital Marketing & Advertising lets you quickly see where you are missing the mark. Getting
A business report card helps you manage and respond to customers’ reactions and interactions with web users, activity on social networks, etc. A business report card also shows you where your business rates online in essential areas such as:

Listings Presence

Do consumers know about your business? Can consumers find your business listings in search engines? See where you can find your business listings and how it stacks up to the industry average.

Listings Accuracy

Find out how accurate is the information on your business listing based on:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Website and what sources

Having accurate information about your business listing helps consumers stay updated about your company and makes your business look more trustworthy. When you have your listings correct, it will eventually lead to acquiring new customers and retaining them. Delivering good quality service gives you loyal customers in return.


See how many online reviews you have. Find out what your audience is saying about your business. Learn areas that need improvement by getting a summary of:

  • Total reviews found
  • Average reviews per month
  • Average rating
  • Total sources

Social Performance

See where your business can be found online and how it stacks up to the industry average. Find out if consumers like your business. Learn how your business is doing on Facebook by analyzing total likes, average shares and likes per post, and average posts per month.

Website Performance

Know the overall performance of your website on mobile. See where your site ranks based on:

  • Page speed
  • Content
  • Mobile-Optimized

Your business reputation is a significant factor in a consumers’ decision-making process. So ensure it is an excellent one.